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KOMAGE GRE3NLine - SE Series:

KOMAGE #GRE3NLine - SE Series:

The SE Series electro-hydrostatic powder presses save up to 65% of energy costs, as well as precious production space at the same time.

The #SE Series is the latest addition to the KOMAGE GRE3N Line. ???? It is the solution that combines higher tonnage, lower energy consumption and flexibility. The result is an energy-efficient, space-saving and low-maintenance system that makes no compromises.

???? The solution is designed so that our customers can continue to benefit from the KOMAGE press philosophy in a sustainable way. Due to their versatility, the powder presses of the KOMAGE GRE3N Line SE Series are equally suitable for the production of simple geometries in large quantities as well as for highly complex part geometries.

For the SE Series, KOMAGE has developed optimized variants for applications in the areas of #tungsten #carbide and #dental #ceramics. These proven configurations have particularly proven themselves in the mentioned areas, but can still be further adapted to customer requirements. ????

Thus, each powder press of the KOMAGE GRE3N Line SE series is a system that can be tailored exactly to the individual customer requirements.

Write to us if you have any questions or are looking for a solution to your problem. We will be happy to help. ✌

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