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The MODIG Way vs. Old Conventional Machining.

The MODIG Way vs. Old Conventional Machining. There are numerous benefits of making many parts from the same size bar or extrusion. The HHV provides reduced set-up time, no work holding and a significant reduction in cycle time. Parts are completed in one setup!

What makes the HHV machines so cost-efficient?

The MODIG HHV is a universal, horizontal machining center, 4-or 5-axis with a single or double spindles for extrusion- or bar machining with full automation options for a complete production cell available.
Learn more at MODIG. se: https://hubs.li/Q01nTfm00

Morris, Hartwig, Inc., Gosiger Inc, Ellison Machinery Company, LLC, HEMAQ , Mitcham Machine Tools Inc.

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