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Water-soluble coolants

Water-soluble coolants

esgeCool series

Always the right mix! Our water-soluble coolants are the optimum product for each application. Their basic ingredients are of top quality. Of course, this entire product range complies with the German technical guideline for the handling of hazardous materials (TRGS 611). We also offer you perfectly tailored coolants, free from amine, boron or mineral oil, of course also suitable for brass and hard metal and adapted to each water hardness.

New coolant generation: esgeCool NT series

Safety due to new emulsifier technology

Water-soluble coolants are a familiar image in production premises of the metalworking industry. Only few know that some of these products are practically high-tech products.

However, as versatile and perfected an emulsion may be, water-soluble products always have a decisive influence factor, which is hard to control: water. Water has excellent flushing and, in particular, cooling characteristics but there may be considerable side effects when using water. In addition to the risk of corrosion, there is a major problem of fungi and bacteria accumulating and growing in the coolant, which can make production impossible in the worst case. Consequences are often foul odours, impaired corrosion protection and a risk for all employees coming into contact with the products. Skin irritations, inflammations and allergic reactions occur frequently. In spite of regular controls of the coolant, such contamination cannot be avoided and can mostly only be reduced by means of aggressive additives, which, in turn, also cause new problems. In the worst case, the entire filling has to be disposed of and the machines have to be refilled.

Recent emulsifier technology allows us to compose the concentrates in a completely new way. The products of the esgeCool NT series have an extraordinary long durability. Consequently, the coolant stays extremely stable during a long time and enables very long periods of use. Necessary characteristics, such as constant corrosion protection and as low tool wear as possible, are maintained during longer periods and in a more constant way, and a later adding of stabilisers is more or less superfluous. The use of such high-tech coolants does not only increase cost-effectiveness but also operational safety and protection of employees working at the machine.

Key advantages of our products

Extremely long service life of the coolant in the machine

Reduced health hazard

Excellent corrosion protection, high alkaline reserve

Very good flushing and cleaning properties

Neutral odour

Increased cleanliness of machined parts, machines and tools

Minimum need for refilling / lower discharge rate

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