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3D Roll forming and application by ORTIC

TurnKey production lines for straight products (experience, more than 70 production lines made by ORTIC)

Production data, example
• 18 meters per minute
• From coil to ready to use product
• Pre-painted material

Turn key production lines for conical products

Production data

• Different size of conical columns without change tools
• Length from 2 meters up to 12 meter
• Production from blanks
• Production speed, 5 meters per minute
• Laser welding
• Thickness between 2.5 – 3.0 mm

Possibility (Analyze and verification)

make your first simulations (FEA) and test production of 3D roll formed profiles in Borlänge, Sweden

• Verifying simulations/Optimize design
• Creating Profiles/Prototypes/Small series production
• All metal materials
• Thickness up to ~2 mm
• Highest Strength Steels

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