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No more manual support removal

Metal-AM postprocessing is difficult and could account for over 50% of the final price. Manual labor needed for support removal is very often the most expensive part of 3D printing process.

The safeEtch allows user to automatically remove supports without mechanical treatment and polishes surface even in places inaccessible with classical tools. Technology is based on chemical reaction accelerated with high-intensity ultrasonics.

SafeEtch is protected by a patent and 2 patent applications.

Production capability increased in 3 simple steps


Instead of spending whole day on one printout, a person can operate multiple machines working simultaneously. After the process parts are support-free and polished, edges are sharp and geometry well preserved.
safeEtch provides increased production efficiency, printout quality and process repeatability, reducing per-part cost.


Focus on part stiffness only. No need to think about easy access to supports, or limiting their amount for efficient removal. Internal supports are no longer a challange. safeEtch allows for design freedom that has never been available before. Customized supporting strategies can be implemented in standard CAD software saving time and money.


Mass production with SLM/PBF/DMLS is often limited to a single layer of printouts while stacking has been an advantage of EBM technology.
With safeEtch it is true no more. Having an effect of dissolvable supports we can freely stack multiple elements in the Z-axis without worrying about time consuming postprocessing.

Perfect surface and sharp edges

With assistance of ultrasonics, etchant will infiltrate each part of printed structure also internal supports in flexible joints and complex structures.
safeEtch reduces surface roughness, including internal channels and scaffold structures. Unlike electrochemical processes, ultrasonically assisted etching removes an uniform layer of material. Not only it smoothens the surface, but also keeps sharp edges.

The 4 safeEtch design principles

Safety design

Internal filters connected to reaction chamber ensure that all dangerous gasseous byproducts, including NOx are neutralized. During device design, ease of use and user safety were no. 1 priorities.

Support design

All concerns regarding tradeoffs between support stiffnes and ease for removal are in the past. Process of optimum support design is automated with dedicated software.

Ultrasonic agitation

High intensity ultrasonics ensure constant flow of the etchant in internal features and enables removal of solid or gaseous byproducts. Ultrasonic cavitation prevents localized corrosion and provides high uniformity.

Etching solution

Chemicals are designed to provide fast reaction to dissolute supports within minutes and without any pitting risk. No organic solvents are used and etching solution is neutralized right after the process.