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All ExOne material systems are designed and engineered for the ExOne process and the ExOne M-Flex System. Each material system comprises ExOne’s patented binder and specially prepared formulated materials to ensure the highest quality.

Currently available metals include 420 & 316 stainless steel & bronze, bronze and tungsten. Soda lime (semi-opaque) glass, sand and other casting media also available.

Technical Specifications

  • Process cell including job box and roller conveyor
  • Build volume l x w x h 400 x 250 x 250 mm
  • Build speed 30-60 seconds/layer
  • Layer thickness Variable with minimum of 0,15 mm
  • Print resolution X/Y 0,0635mm, Z 0,100mm (set by layer thickness)
  • External dimensions l x w x h 1675 x 1400 x 1855 mm (66 x 55 x 73 in)
  • Weight 1 020 kg (2 250 lbs)
  • Electrical requirements 208V-240V / 3 phases
  • Data interface SLC, CLI, STL
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