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Top-of-the-line-system for large and complex ­challenges

The SFM-AT800 cleans very large parts easily, effectively and requires minimal maintenance. The state-of-art and patented design offers the industry’s highest standards of powder removal for large and complex parts with internal channels and hard-to-access geometries.

The unit combines two programmable axes enabling the fully automated cleaning of complex parts. Saving and combining several component positions with an assignment of different functions and holding times is possible. Two safety interlocked glove ports facilitate supple­mental manual cleaning with compressed air or inert gas. The SFM-AT800 is designed without any ignition source. The safety-monitored inert gas infusion system ensures protection against explosion when working with reactive metal powders.

The SFM-AT800 can hold several compact workpieces. An automated roof and an optional OPC-UA controlled backdoor enable access by cranes and robots. The unit is ideal for integration in automated production lines. The use of pneumatic quick-release systems is also possible.


The SFM-AT800-S is a special version of the SFM-AT800. It has two endless rotating axis with servo-drives.

While the standard SFM-AT800 is able to move the part to every three-dimensional position, the S-version is able to move the part exactly along a programmed path to depowder intricate internal channels.

Depowdering three dimensional labyrinths like in heat exchangers or injection molds is now getting even easier.

The process runs in a protected atmosphere and the powder can be collected for recycling.

Technical Specifications

Drawing of SFM-AT800 | Zeichnung der SFM-AT800 Drawing of SFM-AT800 | Zeichnung der SFM-AT800 Drawing of SFM-AT800 | Zeichnung der SFM-AT800
Installation Space (W x D x H) 3,000 x 3,000 x 3,000 mm³
Mains Voltage / Frequency 3PH / 400 / 50 V/Hz
Machine Weight 900 kg
Power Consumption 0.4 kW
Part Dimensions (W x D x H) 800 x 400 x 550 mm³
Power Supply 16 A
Part Weight 300 kg
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