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“J” Leak Proof

Product description

Thermocouple pre-made, ready to use with no vacuum leaks. Specially designed and made for aerospace  composite parts manufacturing it can also be used in other industries when high quality and traceability are required.

Thermocouple equiped with its connection is certified fully sealed and does not create path leak when going through the mould tool or sealant tape of the bagging film. The wires are welded under protection for an accurate, safe and long lasting reading of cure temperatures.

Anymore costly waste of time in autoclave or oven unloading for thermocouple checks. Nice cost saving in labour cost and by reducing component scrap rate.

Thermocouple extension cable is also available on request please feel free to ask our technical team for further

Availabilitiy & Packaging

Length:HTE/D-24-JJ 17 FT T/C(about 5m)
           HTE/D-24-JJ 26 FT T/C (about 8m)
Package: 20 pieces in one box
              24 boxes in one carton

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