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EDM yields fantastic results.

Precision and speed – these characteristics determine the efficiency of your order processing during cavity sinking. Precision and speed – that's what the name genius stands for. Originally derived from our control system developed in 2002, it has now become synonymous with high-quality EDM machines. With the name "genius", all machines by Zimmer & Kreim prove not only the intelligence of the machine control system, but also the stability of the basic structure, the high precision and the compellingly simple programming. genius EDM machines meet the highest standards. With their compact design, they are the space-saving sensations in their respective machine class. Yet they still have all the features you need for perfect results and efficient processes in tool and mould making: a continuously adjustable work tank, easily accessible, fixed tables and – as standard issue – a C-axis.

All genius machines can be operated in manual, semi-automated or fully automated mode. Regardless of the type of operation, you can still always position the sleeve using the handwheel, without interfering with the programming. Commissioning is incredibly easy via plug-and-play. The result distinguishes the genius machines from all others. Highly customised workflows, safe handling and understanding of the system – the possible areas of use are as flexible as the tasks of your customers. This is also possible due to the completely modular design.

Every genius machine is delivered in a minimum configuration so that it can then grow together with the development of your company. To do so, our systems also include other technologies and manufacturers. Integration is the key with which we are increasing process safety and efficiency in your company.

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