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Genius 700

EDM machine genius 700

With the genius 700, you will enter a new dimension of cavity sinking. High travel speed and reduced idle times – this is how the genius 700 provides for especially speedy processing of your orders. The ratio of table size and travel distance is unique in its class. It enables the optimal utilisation of the table.

The machine offers the by far largest dielectric fluid height above the table in its class. Feeding the dielectric fluid into the continuously movable tank is quick and easy. The machine has a high rigidity with pre-stressed anti-friction guideways. The moment of inertia of the C-axis is comparatively high at 0.6 kg / m2. In addition, it has a highly accurate measuring system. Even demanding EDM processes can be carried out economically and with high precision with the genius 700. The "on the fly" filter replacement prevents standstill, and the central lubrication system reduces maintenance times. The genius 700 can be connected from two sides, making flexible positioning possible. The height-adjustable control desk is ergonomically designed and allows working while seated.

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