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Genius 850

EDM machine genius 850

You need precise results also for heavy work pieces. We designed the genius 850 to meet exactly these requirements. It is identical in construction and design to the genius 602, but has a larger table and greater travel range. However, the machine requires little space compared to the large machining surface. With the genius 850, you can clamp two work piece pallets of common pallet systems at the same time and realise unmanned operation, for example over the weekend. The work tank of the genius 850 is integrated into the base, fully retractable and automatically adjusts together with the table. The temperature of the dielectric fluid is automatically and consistently controlled via a thermostat. The space-saving design allows for easy handling both in manual and automated operation. Through the various extension options – for example a 5th axis on the table – this versatile machine can also be adapted to individual requirements within the company.

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