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Car and Mobile Furnace

Car Bottom Furnaces and Mobile Furnaces

CEC has a long history of manufacturing hot car heat treatment furnaces, cold car furnaces and mobile furnaces for stationary loads. Our car and mobile furnaces are designed to meet our customers loading and unloading methods and frequency. When large spools of wire, forgings or logs of aluminum are loaded by overhead cranes or manipulators then a mobile furnace may be preferred. This layout can reduce the total square feet of floor space required for the furnace system. If your factory is equipped to use car-pullers to remove hot or cold car furnaces CEC can offer additional pullers and mobile car pullers. Alternatively, we can adapt to whatever arrangement your company prefers. If you need to automate your process to interface with a rolling mill or a forge, we can help with a variety of designs.

Innovative Design

Car bottom furnaces employ a manually or automatically operated car to take large loads in and out of the furnace. The car bottom functions as the floor for the furnace making these furnaces particularly good for large loads that need to be heat treated. CEC's innovative designs ensure that the car seals perfectly with the rest of the furnace, minimizing leaks in atmosphere and losses of energy.

Our state of the art dry lubricant Hot Car wheels will offer minimal friction to reduce stresses caused by pulling loaded Hot Cars. Hot Cars are normally used when the customers product requires a protective atmosphere, such as aluminum coil or foil annealing.