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IQ Furnace

CEC has designed and manufactured a variety of IQ (Integral Quench) furnaces. These machines can be fitted for many heat treatment processes including:

Ferritic Nitrocarburizing
Neutral Hardening
Annealing (Bright)
Stress Relieving
Carbon Restoration

Our furnaces are heavy-duty and atmosphere tight. The non-drive prechamber is loaded by pusher from the load side and by a back push-pull drive from the heat chamber. These furnaces can have many features, including:

Round or rectangular heating chambers that are gas or electric heated
Heat Chamber contains alloy circulating fans for atmosphere uniformity
Heavy-duty alloy rollers, rails, and muffles ensure low down time
Fail safe Nitrogen purge for atmosphere loss of seal
Sophisticated to assure safe operation and desired automation
Full load, unload and quench automation with transfer cars or gantry cranes
Large capacity heated and cooled Quench tanks with programmable agitation speed
Integrated separate tempering furnaces
Generators and gas control for Endo, Exo, N-Methanol, N, Ammonia atmospheres
Conventional or vacuum washers with alkylene and water tanks
Companion freezers for martensite conversion