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Aerospace Furnace

Aerospace Heat Treat Systems

Wing and fuselage spars and skins, turbofan blades and inlet cones, extrusions, landing gears and seat castings are a few of the dozens of products that are annually processed by aerospace manufacturers in CEC supplied heat treat systems. These parts are manufactured to strangent tolerences and standards. Often times these parts require accuratelly engineered and built alloy furnace fixturing which CEC produces in-house. 

Wright brothers

In 1903 the first flight by the Wright brothers started with a light wood frame covered in fabric; fortunately plane structure has improved. The materials used for jet plane fabrication evolves constantly to assure that planes fly farther, carry more and are safer than their predecessor. CEC has been there with great companies like Boeing, Martin Marietta, GKN, Gruman and Lockheed to provide close tolerance system that will meet the stringent military/ AMS (2772F, 2770J, 2750E) specifications for aerospace component manufacturing.

Aerospace Furnaces offered by CEC

Largest Drop Bottom Furnaces

The largest Drop Bottom furnaces*  in the world have been designed and installed by CEC and after decades of service the furnaces still past the most stringent specifications.

Huge payloads, seven second quench and close temperature uniformity are common obstacles to a manufacturer’s success with pieces of jet planes. CEC has successfully crossed these constraint bridges and has continues to help our customers find success.

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