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Backup Pads

Clayton backup pads are desihned specifically for vacuum sanding.The Large number of holes provides unmatched airflow and dust capture.

Disc Pads J-Hook

These pads come standard on all Clayton sanders and feature J-Hook abrasive attachment, multi-hole pattern for better air flow, tapered edge and a threaded stud.

Disc Pads Vinyl

Our PSA pads feature 3 to 6 holes , a Low Profile or tapered edge,and vinyl backing for your PSA abrasive.

Disc Pads vinyl Groove

If you need to use PSA abrasive but are looking for better air flow try our grooved PSA pads.The grooves provide airflow across and to the edge of the enteride pad, eliminating the need to align the holes in the abrasive and the pad.

Rectangular Screw-on Pads

These pads use a four point screw attachment method,J-Hook or PSA abrasive attachment and multi-hole pattern for excellent air flow .

Rectangular Stick-on Pads

If your sander requires a Stick-on pad then we have them in both J-Hook and vinyl.

Triangle Pads

For triangle detail sanders these pads attach with two screws and feature a hook& loop abrasive attachment method.

Radius Pads

This innovative backup pad was designed to help OEMs and maintainer deal with the concave surfaces of cetain aircraft jet intakes. In the past sanders would only make contact with the outer edges of the abrasive on concave surfaces.These pads follow the contur of the aircraft skin providing even contact over the entire abrasive surface.

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