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Hepa Vacuums

We offer a wide range of HEPA filter vacuum cleaners specifically design to clean up hazardous dust. Applications include lead asbestos and nuclear abatement. Special high efficiency HEPA filters are certified to have a minimum efficiency of 99.97% at .3 microns. All parts have passed rigid quality control standards prior to assembly.

Our advantages include:

  • Three stage filtration reduces the incidence of airborne dust that would be created by other methods of cleaning.

  • High waterlift overcomes restrictions like long hoses.

  • High airflow provides the maximum dust and debris capture.

  • Rugged construction withstands heavy duty envornments.

15 Gallon Wet/Dry 15 Gallon Electric 15 Gallon Pneumatic
15gal-wetdry-hepa-vacuum-system electric-hepa-vacuum pneumatic-hepa-vacuum
5 Gallon Electric 5 Gallon Electric HEPA BackPack
5gal-electric-hepa-vacuum 5gal-pneumatic-hepa-vacuum hepa-backpack
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