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Safe-T cable


Save Time and Money by Replacing Your Old Lockwire System with Safe-T-Cable 

There will always be a need to install constraining (safety) devices to threaded fasteners in applications where vibration, kinetic energy, or the need for high reliability is present. Their purpose is to restrict (to a minimum) the unintentional rotation of the fastener.

The process of installing Safety Wire remains awkward and costly, and the inspection process is demanding. The removal and rework of installed Safety Wire is a common occurrence. Safe-T-Cable® was invented to address these problems in modern Airframe and Engine Systems. The Safe-T-Cable® Kits are consistent in their construction/ application, and the user-friendly tooling guarantees a secure and reliable installation each time it is used. Operator training is simple, Inspection is objective, and rework is virtually eliminated.

Safe-T-Cable® is constructed of high tensile strength, stranded cable. It is more flexible than its Safety Wire counterpart, although the working diameters are equivalent. This provides a stronger assembly which has greater strength and lighter weight. The cable ends are electrically fused to form an easy threading end. The cable is pre-cut to various lengths, and is supplied with a square formed end cap attached to one end.

    System Benefits 

    • Improved Security of Fasteners 
    • Reduced Installation and Inspection Time 
    • Improved Access to Tight Areas  
    • Consistent Cable Tension on Each Application 
    • Reduction of Rework 
    • Minimal Operator Training Required 
    • Lighter Weight Than Safety Wire 
    • Eliminates Injuries Due to Sharp Safety Wire Ends