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Shield Banding Tools

EMI/RFI Band Application System for M85049/128 Bands


The termination of EMI/RFI shielding materials is a specialized science in today’s aerospace wiring systems. Application tooling is a critical factor in the overall performance of the wiring system components. DMC has worked closely with the world’s leading connector accessory manufacturers and standards organizations to develop the necessary tooling and accessories to meet the stringent demands of aerospace and defense system contractors. The resulting products afford the user a repeatable and reliable means of terminating shielding on aerospace wiring systems. Tooling is available for all bands qualified to AS85049/128.


M85049/128 Shield Termination Bands are available in two distinct configurations, Stamped and Welded Buckles, and two different widths, .250 in. (6.350 mm) and .125 in. (3.175 mm). The bands come flat or pre-coiled and ready for use. 

The buckle for the M85049/128-3, M85049/128-4, M85049/128-7, and M85049/128-8 bands is a STAMPED buckle. This configuration is low-profile style with a slot for the other end of the band to pass through.

The buckle for the M85049/128-1, M85049/128-2, M8549/128-5, and M85049/128-6 bands is a WELDED buckle. This configuration is folded style with a loop for the other end of the band to pass through



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