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Tensile Test Equipment

Alphatron™ Tensile Test Equipment

DMC offers a line of Electronic Tensile Test Systems which may be used in conjunction with SPC Programs or other Quality Control disciplines in both OEM and maintenance applications. The electronic digital readout displays are a fast and reliable source of test data.

The rugged construction and the portable design of these test machines make any of them a superior choice for on-site or laboratory use in an infinite variety of applications. The operation of the equipment is simple yet versatile, and DMC will customize the gripping jaws or other components to make test sample installation and removal an easy task.

Models are available with output display readings in Pounds, Newtons, and/or Kilograms to conform to the requirements of the user’s system. Units are available for either 115 or 230 volt power input.

The MPT-250C Motorized Wire Crimp Pull Tester is ideal when a “constant rate of pull” or “force hold” test is desired. The unit has a range of 2.5 lbf to 250 lbf and a full color LCD touchscreen interface. Includes data capture capability for exporting test data to a PC via USB or RS-232 and can test crimp strength on terminations up to size 10 AWG Mil-Spec, commercial, and automotive applications.

The HPT-200B Hand-Held Pull Tester blends the accuracy and rugged design of the Alphatron pull testers into a self-contained, portable, rechargeable battery powered unit. It is ideal for testing crimp strength up to size 10 AWG in Mil-Spec applications, and size 10 AWG in commercial and automotive applications.

The PT-150HA Manual Wire Crimp Pull Tester is oriented horizontally and ideal for testing crimp strength up to size 10 for Mil-Spec applications, and size 4 AWG for commercial and automotive applications.

The PT-40XP Manual Wire Crimp Pull Tester was specially designed to test the lower range tensile values of the medical and telecommunications industries, from 1 to 40 lbs.