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Cleco Fasteners

Cleco Fasteners

CLECO FASTENERS - Cleco fasteners, cleco pliers and Nova pneumatic cleco installation tools are an indispensable part of any aviation mechanic’s toolkit. Clecos allow you to hold two pieces of sheet metal together in proper alignment for drilling or riveting.

Pan American Tool's line of cleco fasteners includes various shapes and sizes for every application: heavy duty clecos, miniature clecos, hex nut clecos, wing nut clecos, long hex nut clecos, long wing nut clecos and side-grip clamps.

We also stock a complete line of speed- nut cleco fasteners, which are ideal for close-tolerance positioning of thinner layers of material and especially good for composite materials. They will not damage the work surface or elongate the drill hole and are easy to install and remove because no pliers or installation tools are required.

Knurled Cleco Fasteners

Cleco Fasteners P Series

Cleco Fasteners PHD Series

Cleco Fasteners PMIN Series

Cleco Fasteners PHN Series

Cleco Fasteners PWN Series

Cleco Fasteners PLHN Series

Cleco Fasteners PLWN Series

Cleco Fasteners PSG Series

Cleco Pliers With Soft Handle

Nova® Cleco Installation Tool

Nova® Cleco Installation Tool - Pistol Grip

Nova® Cleco Installation Tool Extra Long

Nova® Hex Nut Cleco Installation Tool

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