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High Speed Steel and Carbide Reamers

High Speed Steel and Carbide Reamers

REAMERS - Reamers are hard, multi-fluted, cutting tools employed in aerospace applications to complete existing holes to small, precise diameters.

 Pan American Tool's inventory includes high-speed steel piloted chucking reamers, high-speed steel piloted threaded reamers, high-speed steel threaded reamers, high-speed steel standard chucking reamers and high-speed steel chucking reamer sets.

 Pan American Tool also stocks three complete sets of high-speed steel reamers: fractional, 1/16" to 1/2" by 64ths with a total of 29 pieces; number-size reamers with a total of 60 pieces; and letter-size reamers, A through Z, with 26 pieces.

Available in Cobalt, Price on Request

HSS Piloted Chucking Reamers - Straight Shank, Straight Flute

HSS Piloted Reamers - Threaded Shank, Straight Flute

High Speed Steel Reamers - Threaded Shank - No Pilot

High Speed Steel Chucking Reamers

Carbide Chucking Reamers

#1 - #60 HSS Straight Reamer Set

1/16 - 1/2 by 64ths HSS Straight Reamer Set

A - Z HSS Straight Reamer Set

All 3 HSS Straight Reamer Sets

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