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C-Frame Riveter

Semi-Automatic Riveters

Our engineers have designed, built, installed, and supported over one hundred C-Frame Riveters working for Electroimpact or previous employers.

The C-Frame Drill Rivet Machine offers a larger part processing capability and can be supplied with various options to meet your manufacturing needs. Ease of set-up and tool-changes with minimum downtime and Automatic Feed System with various tooling makes the Drill Rivet Machine a standard for rivet installation.

The C-Frame Drill Rivet Machine with proper upper and lower tooling will handle all standard aircraft-type rivets and all materials capable of being squeezed, while controlled parameters of machine operation contribute to high-order repeatability with a low rivet rejection rate.

EI C-Frame riveters are available in Portable and Stationary configurations with Nut Plate instillation capability and Leading Edge Dual Ram (Knee) style automatic fastening systems.

Portable C-Frame Riveters:
The EI - Portable Rivet Machine is an automatic drill, seal, rivet machine, utilizing an interchangeable mini-hopper rivet feed system. It is a self-contained system with associated power and control elements all mounted on a roll around cart or C-frame structure.

The EI - Portable Riveter is comes standard as a single spindle, but is offered with an optional dual spindle model. The drill spindle has a feed rate capability of 2-96 inches per minute, and is capable of drilling quality holes using various drill bits in different aluminum alloys and maintain hole quality specifications.

Models can be purchased with a 30" or 36" (inch) throat depth. All versions of the EI Portable C-Frame Rivet Machine operate on 110-volt AC power and standard shop air (85 PSI). Units can be purchased with full electrical capabilities.

Stationary C-Frame Riveters:
Stationary C-Frame Rivet Machines are available with throat depths up to 60" and 84" inches. Stationary C-Frame Riveters are available as a standard single spindle model or a dual spindle model.

Nut Plate Riveters:
Nut Plate Riveters will automatically install nut plates or dome nuts. The machine will drill and countersink the two nut plate mounting holes, install the nut plate and upset the fasteners. The machine can also be supplied with a second drill spindle for drilling the nut plate center hole.

Leading Edge Dual Ram (Knee) Style Riveters:
Leading Edge Dual Ram (Knee) style automatic fastening machines have a unique ram design, which allows the fastening of leading edges, and close clearance parts. The narrow ram can reach inside of many parts and, therefore allows automatic fastening in areas that cannot be fastened on conventional lower rams.