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Polish- and deburring equipment for
– CNC-turned parts
– Injection moulding, eg zink and aluminum
– stainless steel
– Fine stamped parts
– Fine abrasive waterjet cut parts
– Wire EDM parts
– Jewellery from casting or cutting

Used in
– Fine mechanic industries
– Medical device
– Aerospace (e g titium, light alloys, inconel)
… and much more.

Finespin® – efficient finish Quick and Easy

• Specially designed for handling parts of complex geometries. Suitable for holes and small features and miniature parts.
• Deburring, edge rounding, polishing, and cleaning in one operation.
• Quick, Easy and safe use.
• Consumables have long Life time – low running cost.
• Operator panel with touch screen and intuitive HMI make the machine easy to set up and optimise for the present task.

The Finespin-process is based on impact polishing wich has virtually no material removal, although it does have a fine polishing agent
– Does not deform work pieces
– Does not damage part surfaces
– Does not affect the parts tolerances

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