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Permalign® xP Abrasivejet Cutting Head- 85KSI

The Permalign® xP Abrasivejet Cutting Head combined with the OmniJet xP achieves ultimate performance and reliability forabrasive water jet cutting. This patented design reduces the number of components, minimizing overall maintenance and operational costs.

The Permalign® xP entrains dry abrasive into the high velocity water stream within the mixing chamber. The resulting mixture exits through the nozzle as a high velocity, coherent abrasivejet stream capable of cutting virtually any material.

The Permalign® xP Cutting Head, when used with the OmniJet xP, is rated for pressures up to 85,000 psi (5,900 bar), orifice sizes ranging from 0.003-0.016 in (0.076-0.406 mm), and nozzle sizes from 0.020- 0.065 in (0.508-1.651mm) ID. This flexibility allows handling of small intricate cuts as well as thick cuts requiring higher abrasive and water flow rates. Nozzles constructed of either extended-life composite carbide or tungsten carbide are available.