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Hydraulic Versacutter Waterjet System

Jet Edge’s Hydraulic Versacutter is a portable abrasivejet cutting system. Rigid or flexible tracks allow the Hydraulic Versacutter to operate on flat surfaces. The system is used in a variety of cutting applications including pipelines, steel reinforced concrete, reactor vessels and fabricated metal structures. It is especially suited for cutting in hazardous zones where flames and heat are restricted.

The Versacutter carriage is a sealed unit that contains a hydraulic motor. The hydraulic motor is connected to a gear reducer and a drive sprocket. The sprocket engages the track to drive the carriage along the track. Guide wheels support the carriage by clamping it onto the track. A lever retracts the drive sprocket so the drive unit can be positioned freely on the track and extends the drive sprocket to engage the holes in the track. The carriage has several clamps and tubes to adjust the position of the cutting head.

Two 8’ sections of track; one rigid, one flexible, are available. Additional track sections can be connected up to any desired length, limited only by the reach of the support equipment hoses. Track sections are bolted together for extended cuts. The rigid track is used on flat surfaces. The track is stiffened with two support rails. Mounting plates can be attached to the support rail allowing the track to be bolted to a surface. The flexible track is used on cylinders and undulating surfaces. On/off magnets on the flexible track, controlled by rotary knobs, attach to steel surfaces to help hold the track in position during setup. A winch and cable assembly tightens the track to secure it in position so track alignment does not shift while cutting is being performed.

A pneumatic delivery system meters the abrasive from the hopper to the cutting head. The hopper holds up to 400 pounds of abrasive for uninterrupted cutting. Quick setup and maneuverability are achieved by mounting the hopper on pneumatic tires, and the weight-saving design enables operation in difficult overhead and vertical applications.


The Hydraulic Versacutter is operated via a remote control unit. The remote control unit is designed to hang on the rear brace of the abrasive hopper. 

The remote control unit includes several valves to control the operation of the hydraulic cutting package:

  • A three-position valve ports hydraulic fluid to the hydraulic motor to move the carriage forward, reverse, and stop movement.
  • Two flow control valves adjust the forward and reverse speeds.
  • A two-position valve turns the UHP water on and off.
  • An emergency stop valve can turn off the hydraulic fluid flow and UHP water from the Hydraulic Versacutter.