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Pipe Cutter ID Downhole Cutting System

Jet Edge’s powerful 60,000 psi (4100 bar) Pipe Cutter ID cuts steel pipes and grouted casing from the inside in one pass.

Built for reliable operation in remote locations, the Jet Edge Pipe Cutter ID cuts without heat or flames, making it a safer alternative for oil and gas field applications, including plug and abandonment. Additional applications include cutting pilings and other structures that require downhole cutting.

Available in a hydraulic or pneumatic configuration, the Pipe Cutter ID features a circle cutter assembly that mounts to the pipe or casing with a flange plate. A centering tool makes it fast and easy to install and ensures an even cut. Cutting is performed with Jet Edge’s Permalign® ID abrasivejet cutting head which has been designed especially for ID pipe cutting applications.


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