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Pneumatic Lance Waterjetting Tool

Jet Edge’s Pneumatic Lance is a powerful 55,000 psi (3800 bar) hand-held waterjetting tool for cleaning and surface preparation applications.

The ergonomically designed Pneumatic Lance uses pneumatic triggers to turn the UHP water on and off. A remote UHP water control assembly (tumble box) provides a freestanding interface between the Pneumatic Lance and the air and water supply equipment. The tumble box includes an air valve to detect when the triggers are pressed and an ultra high pressure water control valve to control the flow of UHP water.

The Pneumatic Lance is powered by a Jet Edge hydraulic water jet intensifier pump.  The UHP water is extruded through an orifice to produce a concentrated stream. Compressed air from an external source is controlled by the two triggers on the Pneumatic Lance. The air operates the UHP water control valve to turn the UHP water on and off. Water flow is initiated only when both triggers are pressed, acting as a safety device to ensure both hands are on the equipment.

The Pneumatic Lance is ergonomically designed to reduce operator fatigue.  It features two triggers for safety.  Both triggers must be pressed to initiate the ultra-high pressure waterjet.  This ensures that the operator has both hands on the equipment during operation.