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Spyder Abrasivejet Linear and Pipe Cutting System

Jet Edge’s Spyder Abrasivejet Cutting System is a portable linear and pipe cutting system designed for use in remote and/or potentially hazardous environments. It is ideal for cutting pipelines, steel
reinforced concrete, reactor vessels and fabricated metal structures. The Spyder is a pneumatically controlled mobile waterjet system that moves along rigid, flexible or pipe tracks. Its abrasivejet cutting head can be angled for beveling cuts. An optional radius/circle fixture can be added for increased versatility.

  • Suitable for any environment.

  • Cuts virtually any material without heat or flames

  • Pneumatic reversible drive motor

  • Non-ferrous motion components Movement Speed: Varies due to several ranges of gear reducers

Track Options:

  • 3, 5 and 10 linear-foot tracks

  • Low profile, rigid and vacuum tracks available

  • Pipe track: 6–60 inches (152–1524 mm)

Optional Radius & Circle Cutting Fixture:

  • 1”-6.5” insider diameter/16“-48” outside diameter

  • 3“-12.5” inside diameter/27.5“-56” outside diameter