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EDGE X-5 5-Axis Waterjet System

Jet Edge's Edge X-5, features 5-axis waterjet cutting that is capable of cutting to 60. Complex 3D parts, including impellers and gears, can be cut in the hardest materials with a taper-free finish. Controlled with the fully networkable Aquavision DI, the system is optimized with multiple heads, nesting software, laser surface mapping and lights-out cutting. Coupled with a Jet Edge UHP Pump, your system is optimized for your environment.

  • Industry Leading Precision and Accuracy!

                      +/- 0.001" Linear positional accuracy (over 12") - per axis

                      +/- 0.001" Repeatability (bi-directional)

                      +/- 0.003” Renishaw ballbar tests of squareness and straightness

  • (over 24“) at 70° F.

  • A axis tilt = +/- 60°

  • C axis rotation = +/- 440°

  • Taper compensation

  • Focal point design

  • Intelligent Work Envelope automatically adjusts to cut angle.

  • Motion system separated from the catcher tank, eliminating vibration and heat migration resulting in maximum part quality.

  • Motion components protected by metal covers, brush seals and filtered blowers creating a positive air pressure seal.

  • 300 IPM contouring and 500 IPM rapid positioning (460V)

  • Accurate and predictable return to path

  • Supports multiple cutting heads for increased productivity.

  • Industrial PC controller

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