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Aramid Fiber/Phenolic Coated Honeycomb

Product description

AHN 4120 is an Aerospace Grade Nomex Honeycomb which exhibits high strength and toughness in a small cell,  low density, non-metallic honeycomb. This material is fire resistant and corrosion resistance.This material also  exhibits good thermal insulation properties and also has good dielectic properties. This honeycomb is easily machined, formed, and shaped and well suited to adhesive bonding.

AHN 4120 honeycomb meets most commercial and military specifications. These include the strength requirements of BMS 8-124, DMS 1974, AMS 3711, and MIL-C-81986.

AHN 4120 is supplied in standard sheet sizes of 48”L by 96”W for hexagonal shaped cells and 38”L by 96”W  for over-expanded shaped cells. The sheet thicknesses can be custom cut from .060 inches to 23 ½ inches thick
depending on the material cell size and density.


Anti pressure, dry preservation.
No shelf life limitation.
No skin irritaion problems experienced

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