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Mosites#1453D High strength silicone rubber

Product description

Mosites#1453D is a 50 durometer,high strength silicone compound for use as a reusable vacuum blanket in forming composite aerospace articles. Uncured sheet is offered in widths up to 54 inches.Cured,howerer is available in standard widths up to 72 inches. Mosites#1453 possesses excellent retention of physical properties after exposure to high pressure and elevated temperatures encountered in autoclave cure cycles of composite manufacturing.The product has a service temperature range of -37℃to 232℃.

The physical properties shown below were obtained on 0.080 inch thick molded ASTM samples. They are typical  of Mosites#1453,but should not be used to set Quality Control Specification minimum requirements.


Store in its original packaging,awary from Sharp objects.
No skin irritaion problems experienced.