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Ultrasonic Leak Detectors

Product description

AccuTrak VPE is Featuring 3rd Generation Ultrasonic Technology to Find and Locate Leaks. Featuring ALL-NEW  interal circuitry,the patented AccuTrak VPE stands out above all other Ultrasonic Instruments in its class.With even greater sensitivity and a number of new features unique to the VPE.

It's  extremely  sensitive  to  the  ultrasonic  sound  of  turbulent  gas  leak.   Using  a  technology  called ''heterodyning'' the instrument translates ultrasound to a lower frequency which can be heard. AccuTrak is so sensitive you can actually hear the blink of an eye, yet most background noise will not interfere with detection accuracy.


No special requirments.
No shelf life limitation.
No skin irritaion problems experienced.

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