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Cleaning Products

Clean Up Tool Kits

We provide a variety of attachments for general clean up, sold as kits or individually. Each kit includes an aluminum two  piece wand for tool attachment. Heavy duty tools are all metal while some light duty tools are ABS or poly.

Hand Held Cuff Clean Up Tools

Our light duty tools are made from impact resistant nylon or polyethylene. Brushes are typically not replaceable.  Pin Lock Wand has no loose parts that can become a FOD hazard.

Wand & Tools (Pull Pin Style)

Pull pin style wands have no loose parts to become FOD.

Flexible Crevice Tools

Our Flex-Loc crevice tools can be bent into any position and stay there. They come standard with a 1” female hose
thread for connection to our 1” vacuum hose. Great for FOD cleanup!

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