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Collaborative Robot for Sanding


To complete our range of sanding systems, GEBE2 now supplies a collaborative sanding robot based on the cobot SYB 3 from the French manufacturer ISYBOT (www.isybot.com).

This new robot provides a solution in case of low production rate and large variety of parts. It is also the response to musculoskeletal disorder problems increasingly observed in production workshops.

This unique robot design is easy to program in 4 operating modes:
Assistance: The operator control the toolpath, the robot applies the desired force.
Playback: The operator performs a first toolpath, the robot repeats the trajectory by applying the force and the desired forward speed. The operator can take control of the robot at any time.
Parallelisation: The operator teaches 4 points on a flat or curved surface, the robot sands automatically this area.
Remote operation (optional): The robot works in hostile environments controlled via a joystick by an operator who remains in a safe environment.

For each operation mode the operator can choose the forward speed of the robot, the applied force, and the rotation speed of the sander via the user-friendly interface.

Mobility: the sanding robot can be mounted on a mobile platform, which allows to move around a large workpiece or to use it in several workshops.


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