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Chameleon handling- and cleaning systems

Automation is the key to quality assurance and efficient order processing in tool manufacture and mould making. The higher the degree of automation in your company, the fewer mistakes are made – and the more continuously all your machines are in use. With Chameleon, we are the first manufacturer on the market to have developed a linear handling system for tool manufacture and mould making that can automate your entire production process right up to drying and cleaning, across technologies, for multiple machines at the same time, and for all operations.

With all its options, Chameleon ensures flexible procedures and a transparent process. It is modular in design and can be expanded at any time. This makes automation feasible even for small businesses.

Internationally, we are the technological leader with the Chameleon handling system. The combination of innovation, transparency and investment security convinces customers all over the world, because our concept stands out from among others. We take on the process responsibility across all technologies integrated into the system – even those from other manufacturers. We configure individual automation solution for you and adapt the design to the conditions in your facility. In this process, you will always have the option to expand your production system as needed.

Brand new: You can now also equip our linear Chameleon with an articulated robot. Where heavy parts have to be handled, the system is now more powerful through this alternative.

With our Transclean development, even the last gap to a fully automated process is now closed. Cleaning and drying work pieces / electrodes and pallets is thus integrated into your automated process. But even as a stand-alone machine, the Transclean offers real time advantages.

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