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Handlingsystem Chameleon


Are you looking for a cutting-edge solution for secure, automated production? We offer you Chameleon, the automation system that combines the reliable mounting of different machines with unprecedented adaptability and versatility. The universally designed system is suitable for work pieces, electrodes and milling cutters.

Thanks to the modular design, Chameleon grows with the needs of your company. From small workshop to large-scale industrial operation, the system offers the right level of automation for you. In this process, machines from other manufacturers – for example, milling cutters and wire cutting machines – can also easily be integrated. The different grippers – various electrode grippers, milling grippers or pallet grippers – are operated automatically by the control system. In such a group of interlinked machines, we take care of the individual planning and assume the responsibility for the entire process. No other system offers you something like that.

Quality assurance and increased throughput are the direct monetary benefits Chameleon generates in your production, because it offers a fully automated identification system that carries out error-free and rapid change-overs, thus significantly reducing change-over times, particularly in continuous operation. With additional features such as the LEDs on the magazine shelves you can see the status of the parts in process at a glance.

Chameleon flexibly equips machines and magazines both horizontally and vertically during operation.
This also facilitates stockpiling and sorting. Your key benefit: shorter lead times and improved adherence
to delivery dates.

The core piece on rails

Chameleon can move through the entire FMS on an expandable rail system. The intelligent control system provides efficient solutions for controlling each process station individually.

Die Bewegung des Chameleon-Roboters: C-Rotation 270°

The movement of the Chameleon robot: C-rotation 360°

Space required

Space required for robot and magazine

Side view of robot with different arm lengths

Die Bewegung des Chameleon-Roboters: C-Rotation 270°

Top view of robot with different arm lengths

Die Bewegung des Chameleon-Roboters: C-Rotation 270°



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