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  • High speed 5-axis aluminium milling
  • Roughing in titanium or steel with up to 9000 pounds pressure on the tool
  • Turn-milling


General Information

Design year: 2015
Axis: 3‐4 or 5 axis options
Gantry type: One specific gantry for aluminium milling and one specific gantry for heavy machining in steel or titanium.
Feeds and Speeds: 1200"‐3200" depending on gantry
Acceleration during machining: 0,3‐1G depending on gantry
Spindle: Fischer motor spindle for aluminium, gear driven spindles for TI
Rpm: From 200 Rpm in titanium and up to 33.000 in aluminium
Power and torque: From 20kw‐150 kw in aluminium and from 70000 to 2500 Nm for titanium and steel
Tool taper: HSK 63A, 100A or 125A depending on material
Materials: Titanium, steel, aluminium or composite
Working envelope: X=unlimited, Y=60" , Z=20"
Chip removal rate: 900 cubic inches in aluminium and 55 cubic inches in titanium
Advantages: World’s first 2 in 1 machine (roughing and finishing in the same machine)
Pallet system up to 600”
PRICE compared to multi‐spindle machines
Customized solution dedicated for customers parts
Wide variety of solutions for automation
Robot tool loading with tool magazine holding up to 300 tools
Flat floor design
Extremely small footprint
Capacity per square foot higher than competitors
Generally 40‐50% faster than 4 spindle machines per part
Less extensive and thus less expensive foundation required
Good price level for smaller companies
Cooperation with SECO tools for best customer solution