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RigiMill MG


3- 4- or 5-axis. Single spindle. Moving gantry machine. Max part size: Unlimited x 61” x 35” (Unlimited x 1,560 x 900 mm). Vertical machining center.

Options: Spindle power and torque, 3- 4- or 5-axis, tool magazine and tool holder.

Automation: Pallet system.

Materials: Cast iron, Aluminum, Titanium, Composite and Steel.

Industries: Aerospace, Extrusion, Heavy equipment and defense.


The RigiMill MG has achieved a chip removal rate of 1,000 cubic inches (16.4 liters) per minute in aerospace aluminum and is available with an automatic pallet system up to 950″ (24 m)!

RigiMill Moving Gantry (MG) was developed to produce the fastest chip removal rates in the world. Various spindle configurations achieve chip removal rates up to 55 cubic inches/min (0.9 liter/min) in titanium and 1,000 cubic inches/min (16.4 liters/min) in aluminum, this machine makes it possible to use the same machine for high speed roughing and finishing. Equipped with a single spindle, high speed gantry, the RigiMill MG provides the highest quality and precision of machining either aluminum or hard metals.

It is the unique architecture, as the most compact ever gantry structure with monobloc heavy cast iron bridge structure, as well as, its “no Ram” design through vertical moving cross-rail that offers the most rigid spindle thanks to constant overhang feature, and make the RigiMill MG as being a formidable “beast of efficiency”.

The RigiMill MG purposely reduced scale is an innovative design solution that offers new achievable performances compared to existing machines in the market. It can be configured to each customer’s specific needs and can be extended in the X-axis direction after installation. RigiMill MG is the best manufacturing platform in the world for long part production machining!


Up to 1,000 cubic inches (16.4 liters) of chip removal per minute in aluminum

Up to 55 cubic inches (0.9 liter) of chip removal per minute in titanium

Industry leading spindle performance

Most-rigid compact gantry in the world

Roughing and finishing in the same machine

Feed rate of 2,800” per minute in all axis

Automatic pallet system up to 950” (24 m)

Robotic tool loading with tool magazine up to 500 tools

Balluff chip system for cutting tool identification

Accelerations, X-Y-Z-U axes 26 ft/square second (8 m/square second)

Increased productivity per square foot higher than competitors

Cycle time reduction is generally 40% over multi spindle machines – per part!

CNC work holding options

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