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Non return vacuum connectors

Product description

Available in galvanized steel,for normal application,or brass for live steam or humidit processes;Stainless steel  units are also available on request.
Spring operated valves are incorporated into both halves.These open automatically when connected,to allow  evacuation or gas flow.Positive shut off is restored on disconnection,to ensure vacuum is maintained in the  composite lay-up,thus preventing leakage of air into the vacuum lines.

Operate Guide

To connect, retract spring loaded sleeve on socket and push plug and socket firmly together, then release the sleeve.
To disconnect, simply reverse the procedure.
To seal units onto vacuum breach unit or vacuum hose, room temperature curing RTV elastomeric sealant is recommended.


Store away from abrasive dust,to protect seals.
No shelf life limitation.
No skin irritaion problems experienced

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