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Chameleon Mono

Chameleon Mono –
the automatic changer for electrodes, tools and workpieces for EDM, milling and measuring machines

Efficiency in one-machine operation

Chameleon Mono – our 126-fold changer for electrodes, tools and workpieces guarantees a higher load factor and less labour costs. Highest operating efficiency within the smallest space. The ideal step into automation of your stand-alone-machine.

Your benefits

  • plug-and-play – connect and get started
  • suitable for all established clamping systems
  • up to 126 electrodes and 30 workpieces can be loaded
  • solid construction with aluminium uprights and flexible level divisions
  • controlled system via machine
  • suitable for all established EDM-, milling and measuring machines1
  • easy accessibility for manual mounting through two swing doors
  • compact and space-saving design

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