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Genius 602

EDM machine genius 602

Are you looking for a machine that executes especially the precise, small EDM work with high long-term precision? With the genius 602, we offer a machine with the same control system as our large machines – and it shows in the precision. The difference: the genius 602 fits into every company. It is accessible from three sides, has a relatively low weight and is the most space-saving EDM machine on the market in its class. In relation to its size, it offers a maximum dielectric fluid height above the table, and the tank is integrated into the base, fully retractable and continuously variable.

The temperature of the dielectric fluid is automatically controlled via a thermostat. The rigid cast iron construction with pre-stressed anti-friction guideways avoids vibrations and thus ensures stability. Even on unstable floors, the three-point set-up ensures a continuously uniform alignment. The travel range of the genius 602 optimally utilises the size of the table, making the machine suitable for a wide range of tasks. In addition, it also allows you to take a first step towards automation.

Floor space required for the smallest automated unit

Stellfläche Kleinste automatisierte Einheit

The genius 602 with the Handlingsystem Chameleon forms the Smallest automated system. With dimensions of 3650 x 2300 mm, this unit is ideal for very small workshop situations.

Machine Data




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