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Chamber machines: EBOCAM® series

The type of machine is an universal design for tackling a wide range of welding jobs. The entire EBOCAM® system is modular in construction, both mechanically and electrically. The chamber size of approx. 0.5 m3 to 60 m3 and over is determined together with the customer and depending on its tasks. The equipment is variable and chambers can be combined in almost any way with high voltage generators (150 kV) and low voltage generators (60 kV).

Chamber machines are mainly used for single processing of large work pieces with complex welding seam geometry or processing areas.

Special size chambers are designed to order for individual applications.

Chamber machines are equipped with either a coordinate table (2 axes, x-y table) or a linear movement (1 axis, x-table), which are used to move the work pieces. It is possible to add to these basic movement systems rotating devices, tilting devices, customised mechanisms or any combination of these devices. Positional accuracy, as with tool machines, and movement systems with narrow speed tolerances ensure results of the highest quality.


The basic equipment with an x-y table for moving work pieces and the machine’s control system can be complemented in a variety of ways:
Work chambers from 0.5 to over 60 m3
High voltage generators with up to 60 kW of power for working distances up to 1500 mm (without affecting the beam quality)
Highest reproducibility and long-term stability of the beam parameters give consistent results
Short cathode change times without subsequent adjustment of the beam position or parameters
Additional positioning axes such as rotating, tilting or swivel devices
Multiple work piece fixtures
Special software for SPS or CNC control for quality assurance and documentation purposes

Operating data in detail

Standard connections and installation conditions:

Mains supply: phase current 3 x 400 V ± 10 %, 50 Hz, PEN (if necessary, a mains supply transformer must be connected between the mains supply at the customer and our machinery)
Lightening earth: < 3 Ohm, 35 mm2
Input power and required power depends on the machine model (electron beam generator power, drive, pump set, ...)
Compressed air: ≥ 6 bar
Cooling water or water cooling system
Ambient temperature +12 °C to +35 °C
Relative humidity, not condensing max. 70 %
Avoid electromagnetic fields near the machinery
Vibration-free installation position (normal factory conditions are sufficient)
Floor loading: max 16 daN/cm2

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