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Drop Bottom Furnace

Largest & Most Sophisticated Drop Bottoms in the World

CEC has manufactured some of the largest and most sophisticated Drop Bottoms in the world. Our drop bottoms are carefully engineered to assure strict temperature uniformity in both the furnace and the quenchant, meeting military and AMS specs. Drop Bottom furnaces are used when material properties are critical and the time from solution heat treating to quench must be minimal.

CEC has a standard line of furnaces covered in our Drop Bottom System (DBS) series. For instance a DBS 200 is 200 cubic feet (5.6 cubic meters) of load basket capacity. CEC units range in sizes from 50 cubic feet (1.4 cubic meters) to 300 cubic feet (8.4 cubic meters) in standard configurations and designs. Mobile Quench tanks can be heated, cooled and % Glycol can be controlled.