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Chain Furnace

We Base Our Designs on Customer Needs

CEC manufactures a variety of industrial chain furnaces that allow for efficient conveyance of the product during heat treatment. A chain type furnace may describe one of several methods moving the casting or forging through the furnace. We base our designs on customer needs.

CEC invented and then popularized the heat treatment of components in a furnace without the use of trays or baskets to hold the casting forging or similar components.

Powered and free monorails can be used for conveyance and allow heat processing temperatures up to 1950 °F for austenitizing of micro alloy parts. CEC has built systems that process aerospace and automotive castings and forgings for most major producers in the world.

The chain furnace concept allows the product to go directly into the furnace without using a basket, rack, or tray. Wasted heat for heating up the tray or basket is eliminated. The processed part can come directly from the casting dies or the forging press without cool-down. CEC can automate your foundry or forge shop to the current state of the art for heat treatment with our broad array of chain furnace configurations.

Designed for Your Needs

These furnaces are typically used for:

Solution heat treatment (T7, T6, T4)
Aging / Precipitation Hardening
Forging pre-heat

Call today and see why such great companies like: Nemak, Superior, and AAP rely on CEC for their compact and close proximity heat treatment cells that employ chain type furnaces.

If you are in the market for rackless, basketless or trayless casting or forging processing and you are not buying from CEC, you are buying a less efficient furnace. Our technology is the best in the industry.