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Roller Hearth Furnace

Proven in Hard Environments

Our industrial roller hearth designs have been proven in the hard environments of heavy industry all over the world. CEC’s long history in this area has resulted in many advancements in the machinery and processes associated with roller hearths.

On the mechanism component side, our polished roll adaptations allow lubricant free roller performance for decades of trouble free operation. Rolls or roller bearings can be water cooled and atmosphere tight. Water cooled rolls are ceramic lined for heavy and high temperature applications. No-vibration axial fans assure that when a fan goes out of balance the machine is not damaged by the vibration. CEC’s ceramic lined heavy-duty furnace casings will perform in even the toughest mill environments 7 X 24 X 365 for decades.

On several large automotive applications our customers have stated, "We haven't turned your furnace off or cooled it down in years".

CEC has built Roller Hearth furnaces for applications up to 2150°F for annealing, normalizing, carburizing and similar applications.

Reliable Continuous Permance

So if you are looking for:

Hardening, Quenching and Tempering lines
Solution Heat Treatment equipment
Small batch furnaces with automated load/unload
High temperature Roller hearth lines
Extrusion, Pipe, Tubing or Bar or Sheet processing lines

We have installed more miles of roller hearth furnaces worldwide than any other company since 1989. Call us today and learn why companies like Mercedes, ABB, Alstom and Ford trust us with their crucial Roller Hearth Applications.