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One+400 Xtreme

Accurate printing with advanced materials

Perfect for prototyping tools and functional parts

Accuracy and repeatability

Roboze's patented gear motion system, the Beltless System, has always been synonymous with repeatability and accuracy. The Roboze One+400 Xtreme guarantees printing precision of 0,59 mil (15 µm) and repeatability of the printed parts.

Process automation

The complete automation of all stages of the process reduces manual operations. From the loading of the material to the self-calibration of the build plate. The best by doing less.

Super polymers

The advanced materials available on the Roboze One + 400 Xtreme allow rapid functional prototyping for operational tests in extreme environments in order to validate the design and performance of the most ambitious projects.

Extreme functional prototyping

Produce parts in super polymers and composites for functional tests

PEEK and other super polymers

High Viscosity Polymer Extruder was designed by Roboze for the extrusion of super polymers, controlling their temperature, flow and cooling, achieving unmatched print quality.

Heating and stability

Roboze One + 400 Xtreme reaches high temperatures. The printing bed, with a volume of 11.8x9.8x8.7 in (300 x 250 x 220 mm-xyz), reaches temperatures on the bed up to 302°F (150°C) which, together with the vacuum technology, guarantees stability and perfect adhesion of the printed components throughout the proces

Safety and communication

Roboze has designed the One + 400 Xtreme to make functional prototyping with super polymers and composites possible, directly in your office, supporting you in the product development and functional testing phase, taking care of process safety and remote communication.

Process control

Management and sensors

Roboze Filament Dryer

The HT Dryer has the function of preparing the material before printing, drying and heating it, thus guaranteeing surface quality and mechanical performance of the parts produced.

Advanced sensors

The Roboze One + 400 Xtreme is equipped with automatic material loading sensors to detect possible anomalies and guarantee total control of the machine status.

Printing materials

Super polymers engineered to meet the needs of the most extreme sectors

Flexible, strong, extreme materials

The Roboze One + 400 Xtreme processes a wide range of engineering polymers and super polymers. From aesthetic materials such as ULTRA and ABS, passing through flexible materials such as FLEX TPU, up to super polymers such as PEEK and CarbonPEEK. Thanks to the extreme versatility and performance of super polymers, you can create functional prototypes for extremely different applications, accelerating the development and testing phase, reducing time and costs.

Compatible materials for the printer:


Carbon PEEK

Carbon PA

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