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Belt Conveyor Furnaces

Conveyor Belt Sintering (CBS) furnaces find a wide industrial application. This type of furnace is a standard for powder metallurgical processing. In principle, all CBS models are designed for the use of protective gas atmospheres. Heating can be either electrical or by indirect gasburners. A wide variety of accessories and different layouts allow for individual construction, whereby the components itself are well-proofed serial concepts. Beside smaller models from 40 kg/h, our systems will cover throughput rates of 650 kg/h with belt widths up to 1000 mm. Therefore, CBS-plants are not only interesting from technological point of view, but also pose a commercially interesting solution for many applications.

The furnaces can be equipped with the following additional modules:

Ceramic, steel or cast iron muffle
Electrical or gas heated
CAT-Dewax (fast combustion zone)
Rapid cooling systems
Exit sections
Control devices for the furnace atmosphere

Computer based process guidance and documentation