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Melting and Casting

VSG Vacuum Melting and Casting Furnaces


Proven and economic solution for the inductive melting of materials under vacuum-/protective gas-atmosphere and casting.

Benefits for users

  • Highly efficient because of low loss power supply and functional construction of the system

  • Short evacuating times and cycle periods Increased process integrity and product quality by auto-pouring control

  • Reliability, durability, serviceability

High-Vacuum Precision Casting System VSG 040 P
For Production of Precision Castings for the Highest Quality Standards

  • Clear and save supervision of the process and operation of the plant by one person only

  • Low capital cost due to cost-efficient horizontal design

  • Automatic pouring control (TEACH-IN) providing for high reproducibility and production safety

  • Insensitive to metal splashes and dust High reliability

  • low maintenance costs

  • Mould carrier free accessible for un-/loading of the moulds

  • Short mould charging cycles (approx. 2 min.) by separate high capacity mould chamber pumping unit

  • Vertical charging lock system for automatic loading of pre-degassed ingots and melt temperature measurement by dip thermocouple.

System design

VSG systems are cold-wall furnaces of corrosion-resistant stainless steel with water-cooled double wall vessel. The melting and casting device consists of a tiltable induction coil with coaxial power and coolant feedthrough and the mould table. The material of the applied crucibles is adapted to the melting material. If the melting material is non-reactive with carbon, crucibles made of graphite or clay-graphite can be used. Where required, crucibles of high-melting metals may also be employed as far as the melting material does not react with the crucible material. In these cases, the crucible acts as a secondary winding for power induction. 

Otherwise crucibles made of oxide-ceramics are applied for carbon-reactive metals. Then the power is directly induced in the melting metal. Power is supplied by static medium-frequency converter systems. A VSG vacuum melting and casting system mainly comprises: the furnace chamber, the vacuum pumping unit, the power supply and the control cabinet, the melting and casting device as well as a vacuum lock for melt manipulations. These modules can be combined in different versions.


VSG: especially for noble metals and special alloys
VSG 002: for the use in laboratory research and development
VSG 040 P: for precision-casting

VSG S: for special applications (directional solidification, single crystal growing, multi-crucible systems, bottom pouring)


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