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Sinter HIP

COD Vacuum-Pressure Sintering Furnaces (Sinter-HIP)


COD Sinter-HIP furnaces combine the dewaxing, vacuum-sintering and subsequent isostatic densification under pressure gas of metals and ceramics. COD furnaces optimize all the necessary process functions and combine them in one production equipment and process cycle in an optimal, fully automatic and reproducible manner.  

System design

Vacuum-pressure (Sinter-HIP) COD type furnaces combine the processes dewaxing, vacuum-sintering and isostatic pressing under protective gas in one system. Essentially for the product quality is a good temperature homogeneity in the hot zone under vacuum and pressure. The COD furnace design achieves an optimum temperature distribution of up to +/- 3 K at 96 bars by means of several separately controlled heating zones, pre-heating of injected gas, a most efficient multi-layer hard-felt insulation and an extremely accurate measuring and control system. 

The special hard-felt insulation results in a considerably extended service life and reduced heat losses, as well as lower cooling water consumption as compared to conventional insulations. It also results in reduced installed power capacity while keeping heat up rates common for the kind of heat treated products. For dewaxing, several systems are available that also can be combined in one system, such as vacuum dewaxing by means of controlled differential pressure (paraffines) or dewaxing under flowing hydrogen or other gases (PEG). A microprocessor-controlled program sequence ensures a fully automatic and reproducible process and a uniform product quality.

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