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Smart Sinter HIP

SSH Smart Sinter HIP - Vacuum-Pressure Sintering Furnaces

The SSH is a standardized vacuum-pressure sintering furnace for economic production of hardmetal (cemented carbide) parts. It combines the universal application of dewaxing (debinding), vacuum-sintering and isostatic pressing up to 60 bar overpressure  in one process. 

Based on PVA TePla's leadership in production of Sinter HIP furnaces for hardmetal applications, the SSH furnace gives you a most affordable and economic access to this leading technology.    

Characteristics and Features

  • Excellently suitable for the production of cutting inserts, wear parts, rods, woodworking tools as well as mining and road construction tools made of hard metal

  • Horizontal cold-wall furnace

  • Pressure vessel made of fine grain steel

  • Max. 60 bar operating pressure

  • Maximum temperature: 1,600 °C

  • Usable volume: >400 Liter

  • Effective usable length : 1,500 mm

  • Two independent controllable graphite resistant heating zones
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